Youtube adds editing features to videos already uploaded


Friday, 16 September 2011 00:40 Written by Marty

Well I must admit I got more than a little excited when I saw this tiny little message above my own video at Youtube: It says "Edit Video" followed by a yellow marker denoting "new". I immediately thought about all of those horrid poker videos I made 5 years ago that I can now go in and properly resize and brand.

Edit video feature now on Youtube
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Hold on cowboy.

The new feature allows you to add an array of effects to your video, but nowhere near the kind of surgical procedures I had in mind for some rather dated work in my "portfolio". Nonetheless, Youtube is constantly adding new features that continue to impress, and this should also be included as a positive addition.

You can now trim the start and end times of your video. You can add many different coloring effects and tones to your production turning it from vivid colors to and aged sepia look for example. You can also swap out your audio and insert one of Youtube's standard tracks. You can even rotate your video 90 degrees - although I wonder who will be taking advantage of that? Also there is an image stabilization feature that can be applied too.

Youtube adds editing feature to uploadd videos
Uploaded with Skitch!

The downside is that it appears all of these features can only be added to the entire production, not just sections. Otherwise, the new editing options just seem to be features that your mini-cam might not have or are just not convenient to edit using one thumb.

As for screenflow users... what does this mean? Not a whole lot I am afraid, since none of the editing features trump anything in Screenflow or any other software worth thier salt. It just seems to be targeted to smartphone users who would rather do some basic touch-up editing online.

Now, let me know when I can really fix some my crappy videos from 2006 while keeping the same URL, and I will ONE happy ComboCaster.

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