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Saturday, 07 January 2012 15:27 Written by Marty

You might be trying to learn screenflow to get in on the whole video marketing thing, and I absolutely feel that is one of the best uses for screenflow - making cool screencasts that actually help people. If you do a little research it's also very plausible to start earning some affiliate revenue with your screenflow productions as well.

A lot of IMers take this to the extreme though when using video as a marketing tactic. They create robotic or poor quality outsourced videos and post them in huge volume on Youtube in the hopes of getting them ranked and creating traffic or conversions to some other internet asset or sales page. The obvious problem with this is that your videos just suck, will never go viral, nor will they have any long term value. In addition, Youtube is now smacking down video channels that upload poor quality or internet-marketing type spammy video messages.

This is in clear evidence in the Warrior Forum as many of these characters have now been posting about their accounts being deleted, most times without any notice. Like this guy for instance:

Youtube has deleted all my videos

I am going to go out on a limb here and say that if he has over 2000 videos and 150 channels on Youtube, then he uploaded barrels full of crap hoping to dominate some affiliate niches. Dudes like this we do not need, nor do we want to be ranking behind some crap robotic video that is just taking up internet real estate.

What a lot of these types of marketers lack is respect. Youtube hosts videos for free. So if you are going to abuse it with this kind of content then good for Youtube to shut you down and delete your stupid ass videos. This guy asks for advice, but really he needs to look at his entire buisness philosphy and not specifically why his videos got deleted.

This is one of the reasons why I like connecting with screenflow users because as I show in the tutorial series, it's pretty easy to create a quality video from a simple article. We do it with a short dog cage PLR article, and the final video is helpful, professional, and has a call-to-action.

The beauty is that once you set up your Keynote and Screenflow 3 templates, you can knock out a lot of helpful videos for a particular niche. A little video volume in a small and profitable niche can go a long way to getting you to the front page. You just need to focus on helping the viewer and not flooding the market with robot videos.

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