Don't let content thieves steal your screenflow videos off Youtube.


Wednesday, 15 February 2012 16:19 Written by Marty

Here is another Warrior Forum fool that dares to ask others for help in stealing video content off of Youtube, so he can upload it to his own channel. Yeah, no joke.

Just another Warrior Forum idiot.
Even more ridiculous is that others on the Warrior Forum chime in with software that actually does this. 
ripping plug-ins
Have people not heard that Youtube will just delete your account if you get caught stealing enough times?
Here is my reply to this wanker that I posted on the Warrior Forum >

If they are already on Youtube, why do you need to upload them again?... Oh wait... I get it now..... you are a CONTENT THIEF!!! Here is hoping that Google finds your sorry channel and clobbers it such has happened to so many other CONTENT THIEVES like yourself.

For those of you who do make your own videos and are just flabbergasted this "ripping" still goes on, be sure to brand your videos properly so that wankers like the above have no choice but to give you credit for your hard work.


Needless to say, this is a good time to remind ourselves how to properly brand your screenflow videos so I will post my video again here on this blog.

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