Steps to create your first screenflow video.


Monday, 13 February 2012 15:43 Written by Marty

Online video marketing can seem daunting to those who want to do it, but just can't seem to find the gumption to do so. That could be because of confidence in front of a camera, issues with the sound of your own voice, or even worse - procrastination. So if you still have not made your first screenflow video yet, I have broken the process down into some simple steps so you can attack one by one.

1-) Start with writing an article of 300 to 600 words selling your services. Just keep it simple.... really simple. Just like John Lennon says - "Say what you gotta say, and put a backbeat to it."

2-) Now open up Keynote (or PowerPoint), and copy the first point or paragraph of your article into the notes section of the first frame. In that frame canvas add a title and applicable image. Repeat this with every paragraph until the end of the article. Make sure you end with a call-to-action.

3-) Create an introduction frame with a picture of you and the subject matter of what you are about to present. Add this frame to the front.

4-) Add a suitable background to the Keynote and perhaps your logo in a bottom corner for example. Add transitions to frames and image elements in your presentation.

5-) Your article may need to be amended in these frames to suit the images that you use in the frames. This is to be expected, and should be reflective of the fact that someone is actually watching a video, rather than reading an article.

6-) Now extract your revised article from the presenter notes in Keynote and record it using GarageBand (or Audacity - PC). Try and read it naturally with a deep tone that should be clear and quick.

7-) Now play your Keynote presentation and record it using screenflow (Camtasia for PC). Then begin the editing process in Screenflow and make sure to save the project and then import your recorded audio track.

8-) Add some intro music to the beginning and ending, but make sure it's not too loud or long. 5 seconds is plenty.

Okay these are the steps. If you have any challenges with any of them comment below and allow me to help you further.

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