New iPad 3 being announced today, but...


Wednesday, 07 March 2012 11:12 Written by Marty

Okay I was one of the first buyers of the original iPad, and I still carry it around my home almost as much as my dog. Not only do I surf the internet with my iPad, it is a great bedside companion (so to speak) for reading loads of PDF reports that I download on it, or perhaps sign on to sirius radio or for some ambient music.

Now even though I am very happy with my iPad, I know that the iPad 3 is going to have some major advancements, such as the retina screen and a memory power boost as well. I imagine it's going to look awesome too. But....  for the next few months, I will trying my hardest NOT to upgrade because my iPad still does everything and more than I ever expected.

Live Blogging Apple's iPad Event -

Check out the live blogging even from Sam Grobart of the New York Times:

"The tablet market is only getting more crowded. Amazon has been aggressively promoting its Kindle Fire tablet, which, at $199, undercuts Apple’s least-expensive tablet by $300. Microsoft recently revealed its new Windows 8 operating system, which was designed to work more fluidly with tablets, and there are still plenty of manufacturers using Google’s Android platform to create tablets of their own."

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